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Hello and welcome!

What do you know about the Tarot?

Did you know that Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that can effectively help you solve several problems in your life?

It’s true.

Tarot is a very useful guidance tool that reveals important information in order for us to take the best decisions.

Tarot is like a mirror of our soul it reflects on one hand, what we don’t know and on the other hand, things that we often know but don’t want or can’t see.

The secret of life is kept in little things, and the Tarot incorporates all aspects and episodes of our trip here in a unique and immeasurably special way.

When we are confronted with our unconscious, we strengthen our selves and create more and better situations for a full and happy life.

With a Tarot reading, we are able to analyze and reflect clearly in a quickly and easily way about why something happen and keeps on haunting our lives.

Why certain situation happened?

How can I overcome it?

These are some useful questions to analyze a Tarot Reading.

The Tarot not only informs but also shows us the path.

You have your free will to follow or not the indications given.

Tarot doesn’t make decisions for yourself or influence you, neither should do who read the cards.

Through a Tarot Reading, we know can see the outcome, evaluate the influences around us and act accordingly.

A Tarot reading is a valid alternative that can be used in our quest for solutions.

For those looking for clear information whether in matters of love, money, spirituality, business, work, family or direction, this oracular tool gives real assistance.

My job is to interpret the messages on the cards in order to give you all the information and knowledge you need, to take the next step in your life.

If you want an analysis to several questions or a specific area, I advise you to get a Full Reading.

If you want a direct and clear answer to really help you, please describe clearly the context of your question so I can be able to help as fully as possible.

All questions are valid as long as the context is well explained.

I don’t make judgments.

For more information please read the topic “How do I use Tarot

Your question will be treated with all the love and care and I will answer as soon as possible.

hope you like my way of analyzing the Tarot with love.

Rita Isabel Azevedo

8 steps to a quality tarot reading service
8 steps to a quality tarot reading service

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